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Our Story

Why we started Trees for Pets

We want to change the way the world memorialises pets.

In Australia alone live more than 29 million pets. That’s more pets than people! Many pets get cremated and ashes will be kept in urns or scattered at special places around the world. We thought, what if we plant at least one tree for every pet we love and lost.... That thought grew into big excitement and we started the Trees for Pets forest, which has been growing ever since.

How we do what we do

Having experienced pet loss ourselves, we understand how hard it is to make the right decisions at the end. Every pet parent, every family is different and every pet's journey is unique.


The one thing that we believe is true for every pet, they would love to be honoured with a memorial tree. 


We want to enable every grieving pet parent and their close family and friends to plant pet memorial trees in whatever way it feels right and works for them. It can be a reforestation memorial tree in Uganda, a beautiful native tree in Australia or a large gumtree in our Remember Tree grove in the Moorabool Valley near Melbourne.

To ensure every pet memorial tree is planted successfully and our positive impact is measurable we partner with Ecologi, a climate solution platform, trusted by over 20,000 businesses worldwide. 

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Our community's impact so far

Over 700 Trees Planted 

 Together we can do magical things 

All our trees are purchased and planted in partnership with 


Purchase Your Reforestation Pet Memorial Tree

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We offer a range of different reforestation pet memorial trees and tree groves.  Decide how many trees and whether you would like to plant in Australia or in an areas of need overseas.

Let Us Take Care Of The Planting & Reforestation Impact

Working with our globally accredited partner ecologi, every reforestation pet memorial tree will be planted with diligence and highest level of care. For transparency, our trees have unique tracking IDs and we keep long term reecords.

Receive Your Personalised

Pet Memorial Tree Certificate

Your reforestation pet memorial tree certificate includes your pet name and a unique QR code to access the virtual Trees for Pets forest and visit your special tree. Choose between a digital, premium paper or framed certificate options.

Visit Your Special Tree In Our Virtual Forest

Visit your special tree in our virtual forest and find out details about its species, planting location, growth and reforestation effort it support. You can also discover other pet memorial trees, planted by our community and track our collective positive impact.

How It Works

The process from tree purchase to certificate dispatch usually takes 3 - 5 business days.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Choose your Pet Memorial Tree(s)
Learn about our trees and decide whether you plant a reforestation memorial tree, a whole grove or maybe you decide for a native Australian memorial tree that you can visit any time on our farm in the Moorabool Valley. Once planted by ecologi or us directly, your tree will be added to the virtual Trees for Pets forest and a certificate will be issued.

2.  Create a personalised memento for your home or as a gift for someone else.
If it's a forest scented candle or a framed pet line drawing portrait. We have earth-friendly mementos and pet loss gifts to choose from. The idea is to remind you of your pet and the memorial tree that you have planted in their honour. If you are planting a pet memorial tree as a gift, it's a wonderful addition for grieving pet parents to receive with their personalised memorial tree certificate.

3. Tree certification and virtual visits
Once your chosen tree or tree grove has been planted you can visit the virtual Trees for Pets forest, learn more about your tree (grove) and our collective impact. You will receive a certificate with the honoured pet's name and a unique QR code to easily find your tree. The pet memorial tree certificate can be issued digitally and sent via email or you can select a premium paper print, optionally framed, that we will mail to you. If you decide for a remember tree on our farm, we will match your effort with a reforestation tree that will represent your contribution in our virtual forest.



Ecologi's Work


It’s now common knowledge that one of the best tools to tackle the climate crisis and keep our temperatures from rising above 1.5C is to plant trees. They are also crucial in preventing ecological collapse.


Ecologi works on a range of amazing reforestation projects around the world and has funded over 75 million trees since 2019. By now over 20,000 businesses have partnered with Ecologi to take collective climate action and we are proud to be one of them. 

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Virtual Forest

The trees for pets forest is full of cherished memories. Every tree that we plant as a community is represented and labelled with the pets name and info about its impact 

Planted by

Our incredible partners

We believe in the power of teamwork and strong partnerships. Trees for Pets wouldn't exist without a bunch of amazing brands and businesses that strive for positive impact - Together we are growing a forest, together we're protecting our planet for future generations of pets and humans to thrive.

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