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Meaningful Pet Loss Gifts to Support Your Clients

We plant reforestation pet memorial trees in honour of lost furry friends and deliver a personalised pet loss gift with custom pet memorial tree certificate to grieving pet parents.


Why our partners love working with us:

  • Every mailer or gift box is highly personalised with a memorial tree certificate that features the honoured pet's name + unique QR code accompanied by a sympathy card with a personal message from the vet or end-of life pet care provider.

  • We handle the entire process including pet memorial tree planting, certificate creation, card writing, packaging and mailing. And we do it fast and reliably.

  • Pet parents love the thoughtful gift and have generously shared their appreciation and positive feedback. As one pet parent put it: "Unlike flowers, it continues to grow, which is so lovely"

What your Clients Receive

You can choose from our selection of pet memorial trees and customise your gift. See all pet loss gifts here.

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You can curate your own gift box and we offer custom certificate and card design services.




Great Client Feedback

and Reviews

Real Positive Impact

on our Planet

End-to-End Service

Trees for Pets Virtual forest.jpg

Virtual Forest

The trees for pets forest is full of cherished memories. Every tree that we plant as a community is represented and you can learn about our collective impact 

Make your sympathy cards extra special

Tree Gift Cards

It means a lot to grieving pet parents when they receive a personal card from their vet. Make it extra special with a gifted reforestation pet memorial tree. Simply add a Trees for Pets gift card with a QR code for your clients to scan to plant their gifted tree in memory of their beloved pet. During the planting process they will have the option to select a custom pet memorial tree certificate to purchase at their own cost, if they wish.

Get in Touch 

Get in touch to learn more about our partnership service, pricing, ask any questions you may have and request a free sample pack if you consider working with us. 

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