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Pet Loss Gifts

Choose from our selection of meaningful earth-friendly pet memorial trees and keepsakes to show your sympathy after the loss of a BFF (Best Furry Friend). 

Best Friends

Why pet memorial gifts can go a long way. 

  • Levels of grief following pet loss are comparable to levels of grief following the loss of a human.

  • The period of grief associated with the loss of a companion animal may be even longer than with a person.

  • Over 70% of companion animal owners are grieving in private and expressed fear in sharing their grief with loved ones, as they did not feel they could understand their experience.

Study: Pet Humanisation and Related Grief, 2019, published in the National Library of  Medicine

Product Promise

When we select partners to work with for mementos and pet loss gifts, we follow three guiding principles.


Our suppliers and partners  source and manufacture locally


Materials used in our products  are recyclable or compostable


We use natural materials wherever we can.

Purchase Your Reforestation Pet Memorial Tree

Recommended Gift (2).png

We offer a range of different reforestation pet memorial trees and tree groves.  Decide how many trees and whether you would like to plant in Australia or in an areas of need overseas.

Let Us Take Care Of The Planting & Reforestation Impact

Working with our globally accredited partner ecologi, every reforestation pet memorial tree will be planted with diligence and highest level of care. For transparency, our trees have unique tracking IDs and we keep long term reecords.

Receive Your Personalised

Pet Memorial Tree Certificate

Your reforestation pet memorial tree certificate includes your pet name and a unique QR code to access the virtual Trees for Pets forest and visit your special tree. Choose between a digital, premium paper or framed certificate options.

Visit Your Special Tree In Our Virtual Forest

Visit your special tree in our virtual forest and find out details about its species, planting location, growth and reforestation effort it support. You can also discover other pet memorial trees, planted by our community and track our collective positive impact.

How It Works

The process from tree purchase to certificate dispatch usually takes 3 - 5 business days.

Our incredible partners

We believe in the power of teamwork and strong partnerships. Trees for Pets wouldn't exist without a bunch of amazing brands and businesses that strive for positive impact - Together we are growing a forest, together we're protecting our planet for future generations of pets and humans to thrive.

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