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  • How does planting a tree through Trees for Pets help the environment?
    Planting a tree through Trees for Pets helps the environment by contributing to reforestation efforts and supporting vital habitats for local biodiversity. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, helping to combat climate change and improve air quality. They also provide habitat for wildlife and support biodiversity.
  • What is a Reforestation Memorial Tree?
    A Reforestation Memorial Tree honours the life of your or someone else's beloved pet while making a positive impact on the environment. By planting a tree or a cluster of trees through our partner ecologi, you can contribute to reforestation efforts and support vital habitats for local biodiversity. After planting, you will receive a certificate with the name of the honoured pet, the tree species and location as well as a QR code to visit your tree and watch it grow. Pop over to our virtual Trees for Pets forest to learn more about memorial trees that have already been planted
  • What is a Remember Tree?
    A Remember Tree is a native Australian tree, planted on our beautiful farm in the Moorabool Valley - a bespoke wine region near Geelong. Every Remember Tree comes with a personalised plaque and the option to infuse or scatter pet's cremation ashes. Remember Tree owners can visit their tree at any time. To learn more visit:
  • Can I choose the location where my tree is planted?
    Trees for Pets works with its partner ecologi to select the most suitable location for your reforestation memorial tree, taking into account factors such as climate, soil conditions, and local biodiversity. While you cannot choose the exact location, you can be assured that your tree will be planted in a location where it can make the most positive impact. You can plant an Australian Reforestation Memorial Tree that will be planted in a most suitable location within the country. If you decide to honour your pet with a Remember Tree, we currently offer those in the Moorabool Valley in Geelong. If you decide for a Planter Set, the location is up to you.
  • How do I receive my digital certificate?
    When you purchase a tree from Trees for Pets, you'll receive a premium digital certificate via email. The certificate gives you access to our online Tree for Pets forest, where you can watch your tree grow and see the impact it's making on the world. As an upgrade you can chose your certificate to be printed and optionally framed
  • Can I plant a tree for a pet that has passed away a long time ago?
    Yes, the Reforestation Memorial Tree by Trees for Pets is a beautiful and sustainable way to honour the life of your beloved pet no matter when they passed away. Planting a tree is a special way to keep your pet's memory alive and preserve their legacy.
  • How many trees do I need to plant to offset the lifetime carbon footprint of my pet?
    Planting 10 trees can offset the lifetime carbon footprint of a mid-sized dog. However, the exact number of trees needed to offset your pet's carbon footprint will depend on their size and other factors. By planting a tree through Trees for Pets, you are making a meaningful contribution to reforestation efforts and supporting vital habitats for local biodiversity.
  • How does Trees for Pets partner with Ecologi?
    Trees for Pets partners with Ecologi to plant trees and support sustainability projects around the world. Ecologi uses its expertise and global network to select the most suitable locations for planting trees and supports local communities to ensure the trees have a positive impact on people and wildlife. By planting a tree through Trees for Pets, you are supporting vital habitats and improving the lives of local people, pets, and wild animals.
  • Where do you deliver?
    We’re servicing a global community and reforestation memorial trees can be purchased from anywhere. Our physical products currently only ship within Australia. We plan to change that soon.
  • I've purchased a gift, how will it arrive ?
    All gifts are sent out in one of our special recyclable boxes. We wrap individual gift items and add a Trees for Pets card with your personal message. At the end we seal all our boxes, pop the address label on and it’s ready to go out.
  • Should I include special instructions for delivery?
    The more information you can provide about the delivery location, the better, and the lower the chance of re-delivery fees being incurred. Business Address: Please provide the name of the business and whether the package should be delivered to reception, a loading dock or building concierge. Residential Address: Please ensure that the delivery person will be able to gain access to the property. If the address is within a secure building please ensure that the recipient will be home or specify a safe location where the package can be left.
  • I didn’t get an order confirmation email, what does that mean?
    Sometimes our confirmations can get sent to junk or spam folders, have a slight delay in landing in your inbox, or you may have entered your email address incorrectly. If you saw the screen that said ‘Thanks for your order’ with an order number then we will have definitely received your order. If you’re worried, please get in touch via email:
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