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A world where we plant at least one tree for every pet we love and lost.


Our reforestation trees are planted and accredited by Ecologi - Trustpilot certified partner, supporting United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

Pet Memorial Trees


Honour a beloved pet in a meaningful way and contribute to the Trees for Pets reforestation forest.


Virtual Forest

The Trees for Pets forest is full of cherished memories. Every tree that we plant as a community is represented and labelled with the pets name and tree information 

Planted by

Pet Loss Gifts

Show your sympathy with a meaningful earth-friendly pet memorial gift.

Why pet memorial gifts matter

  • Levels of grief following pet loss are comparable to levels of grief following the loss of a human.

  • The period of grief associated with the loss of a companion animal may be even longer than with a person.

  • Over 70% of companion animal owners are grieving in private and expressed fear in sharing their grief with loved ones, as they did not feel they could understand their experience.

Study: Pet Humanisation and Related Grief, 2019, published in the National Library of  Medicine

Green Hills

Purchase Your Reforestation Pet Memorial Tree

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We offer a range of different reforestation pet memorial trees and tree groves.  Decide how many trees and whether you would like to plant in Australia or in an areas of need overseas.

Let Us Take Care Of The Planting & Reforestation Impact

Working with our globally accredited partner ecologi, every reforestation pet memorial tree will be planted with diligence and highest level of care. For transparency, our trees have unique tracking IDs and we keep long term reecords.

Receive Your Personalised

Pet Memorial Tree Certificate

Your reforestation pet memorial tree certificate includes your pet name and a unique QR code to access the virtual Trees for Pets forest and visit your special tree. Choose between a digital, premium paper or framed certificate options.

Visit Your Special Tree In Our Virtual Forest

Find out details about your special tree's species, planting location and reforestation effort it supports. You can also discover other pet memorial trees, planted by our community and track our collective positive impact.

How It Works

The process from tree purchase to certificate dispatch usually takes 3 - 5 business days.

We give back to the planet with a forest full of cherished memories

Envision the magical impact we can have if we honour every pet with a tree or maybe even a grove of trees - new beginnings in nature’s everlasting cycle of life and healing power to the earth to look after future generations of pets and humans to thrive.

Every tree planted with us will make a positive impact through reforestation in areas of need.

Grieving Pet Parent in Forest

Remember Trees

Established Australian trees on beautiful rolling farmland with sweeping Moorabool Valley views near Geelong, VIC. 

Infused into a Remember Tree your pet will find a peaceful final resting place, while you have the opportunity to visit any time, to reflect on cherished memories, process grief and enjoy the healing and invigorating power of nature. 

Moorabool Valley Farm Pet Memorial Tree Grove

Get in Touch

Central House

489 – 505 Toorak Road, Toorak

3142 VIC, Australia

0448 728 601

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Last Day on Earth Stories



Last day on earth  06.11.2019

It started with a phone call. My dog, Archie, was staying with my parents for a few weeks when my dad told me he wasn't feeling well. Archie had been to the vet earlier in the week but seemed to be doing okay. However, my dad told me that his breathing had slowed down, and they were taking him back to the vet. Soon after, I received a call from the vet, who was incredibly kind and explained that it was time for me to say goodbye.


I jumped in the car and began the long, three-hour drive to the country. When I finally arrived, we said our final goodbyes to Archie. As he lay on the floor, it was difficult to come to terms with the fact that he had been there for so many important moments in my life: my husband proposing, and my son coming home for the first time. He was so loved and will be forever missed.

Memorial Tree

Species: Bruguiera gymnorrhiza

Location: Mozambique

Project: Irregele Milato

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