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Pet Memorial Trees

Choose from our selection of pet memorial trees, honour a beloved pet in a meaningful way and help the Trees for Pets Forest grow. 

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Trees for Pets Forest 
planted by 

Join the movement and plant at least one memorial tree for every pet you love and lost.


Visit our virtual Trees for Pets forest to discover pet memorial trees that have already been planted by others and to learn more about positive impact.

Remember Trees

Imagine rolling hills, breathtaking valley views over farmland and river flats and picture a special tree that will, forever, honour the pet you love and lost.


Infused into a Remember Tree your pet can find a final resting place, return to the everlasting cycle of nature and help protect the planet for future generations of pets and humans alike. 


We are located in the Moorabool Valley, a bespoke wine region near Geelong about 1h and 15min from Melbourne.

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Virtual Forest

The trees for pets forest is full of cherished memories. Every tree that we plant as a community is represented and you can learn about our collective impact 

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